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Thursday, September 2, 2010

i love u contest

ni contestlaa. yebbit kn nga mabuk contest. so dgn ini yebbit mentakmalukan muke join contest ne. :)


1) Open to ALL bloggers
2) Buat satu entry bertajuk "I LOVE U CONTEST"
3) wajib menjadi follower blog ni dulu
4) Letakkan banner contest di tepi sidebar blog dan juga entry korang
(harus ada link back ke contest ini ye)
5) sila tag 3 bloggie laen lebih ramai lebih bagus eah
6) jangan lupe comment post ni supaya senang ash nk ambush peserta2

yes. SETUJU ngan semua syarat di atas. ;)
btw, yebbit suke pi blog ash cuz cumel. byk luv2. yebbit sukeeee. ;) *ohh tidakk membodek sama skali, noo nooo nooo*

Mr Bumblebee <3 size="2">
Everyone in the world,every creature,every species in every planet or galaxy would want to have someone to love and be loved..including me.

he is my pilihan hati & will always do. He teaches me the meaning of a real relationship,he teaches me the meaning of faith..he teaches me the meaning of life from a different aspect that my family thought me and life itself thought me.He doesn't shower me with luxury or wealth but without a doubt he showers me with unconditional love,thoughts and memories.I am grateful for that and i'm thankful for that so that in the future,if he won't be able to provide me with luxury,i can survive,i can be happy with what i have as long as i am with him. InsyaAllah. Kadang-kadang i terfikir,what's the point of having mountains of money when deep down inside you,you're missing something or that the one you love is not there with you
From the bottom of my heart,i can't thank him enough

thanks for everi single thing that u've done for me mr Bumblebee. my luv will always be urs and u deserve it.

alala. dah ala2 entri untuk mr Bumblebee dah ne. :) takpe kan? huu

so yang jadi mangsa tag yebbit adalah
  1. kamaryeah
  2. misya
  3. dak eina
  4. secantikmanis
siaaap. ;)


dak eina (◕‿◕) said...

wah...thnx sbb tag eina...sori xleh buat...hik hik

misyamissyou said...

thanks gak xleh buat..kalau boleh buat nak join gak..hehehee

yebbit + . + said...

dak eina & misyamissyou: npe xley uat?

hamzah ian said...

hahahaha.. gud2.. kamaryeah jgk kena

cik_salmah said...

bleh x tolong ajar cmne nk letak link then nama tu?sye xreti laa..tq!

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