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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


congrats luv.
dah lame dah nak post ne. tapi tggu our pic siapp. :p

CONGRATS to my dear Mr Bumblebee cuz dah bjaya dapatkan diploma nye. congrats chenta.

now syg bjuang plak for your Degree.

sorry sangat on dat day cuz dah buat silap yang xsuppose to happen pon. i will try to change. i promise u. ily. ;)

Mr Bumblebee suke sgt gamba ne. :p


Fiq said...

wah. bahagia tgk. huhu

yebbit + . + said...

yebbit:thnksssss. doakan kami. ;)

TTT said...

so sweet dear :)
congrates to cik abg :)

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