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Thursday, December 31, 2009

late already

the tajuk is about the time. its already 0457am but i cant even close my eyes for a second. yes. in other simple words, i cant sleep.

today is the lastday 0f 2009. too many things happened tiz yerz. bad thingy & gud things.

this yers start with a smile. i have my frens* everisecond* by my side. the pund, yes, guys i mishh all of u a lots. i dunno y. & i really appreciates all of u & all the memories that we've created togetha. and as i said. our frenship will aweys in my hearts. all of u have been my great2 bros & papa. thanks guyzz.

next, we're doing a mini holiday togtha, and there, i met my man. which is now is my otha half. 9 years we're not met, we've met there. on my vacation with my buddies. till know, u're aweys by my side. there're a several thingy jadi halangan bfore i'm totally yours on 230609. thats the sweet day in my life, and for that, i am greatly thankful being ur gurl and i want u to know that im proud to be urs syg. and. i wanna to be urs foreva. amin~

then, i was also admitted to ospital several times thiz yez. it's like a record in my family members .;p and i dun wan to go there nemore. no more. *wink*wink* insyaAllah

there're also sumthing interfered in my family's buznezz which alreadi settled. and thank God for that. *let it be just a secret of my family* alhamdulillah~

i think thats all the sweetest and a bit salty thingy this years.

whateva it is. i've to say gudbye to 2009
welcome 2010

well, happy new year guyz.!!


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