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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

+100 days being urs+

tempat : kiara park
jam : 12++ midnyte
date : 1/10/09

sayang, thanks sesangat for being mine. my whole life berubah bcus of u. u brighten my life. banyak probs yang dah takde lam my life when u were by my side.

being urs is the best thingy happens in my life.!

i love u bumblebee.

can i be urs foreva.?

When u say u love me, the world stops for a moment, the stars stop shining, the moon stops glowing, the earth stops breathing, all that's alive is our love
I really fall in luff with u.
and my heart is totally yours.


ctbex said...

kawaiii(cute lol~)


saRafaDzil + . + said...

maceh tbexx ku chenta. doakan kami. ;)

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